What is the best material for a freestanding tub?

Acrylic bathtubs are among the most common tub options today because they can offer a compelling combination of affordability, durability, and lightweight construction. Their ease of installation and the ability to customize colours and designs make them an ideal choice for anyone seeking to create a luxurious bathroom space.

There are some details that can help understand why acrylic bathtubs have those benefits:

An acrylic bathtub is formed from vacuumed sheets of acrylic reinforced with fibreglass. When heated and mixed with dyes, fillers, resins, stabilizers, etc, a reaction converts the mixture of materials into acrylic sheets once dried.

Layers of fibreglass finishes and resins are sprayed onto the tub to laminate it and ensure its durability. Brackets and plumbing accessories are added as finishing touches before the product is packaged and transported.

Acrylic Cutting Edge Technology

New technology also further helps to improve the quality of acrylic bathtubs, such as the latest advanced acrylic, a highly resilient and durable thermoformed cast acrylic sheet. This cutting-edge material is manufactured using Cross Linked Technology, a process that enhances its strength and longevity, making it ideal for use in the production of baths and spas.

Cross-linked acrylic sheets

Cross-linked acrylic sheets are distinguished by a unique bond that links one polymer chain to another, creating a net-like structure within the sheet. This results in superior toughness and strength, setting it apart from other extruded acrylic sheets. The manufacturing process of cross-linked acrylic cast sheets involves a more costly production method than extruded acrylic, but it is worth it. Cross-linked acrylic sheets are distinguished by a unique bond that links one polymer chain to another, creating a net-like structure within the sheet. This results in outstanding toughness and strength, setting it apart from other forms of extruded acrylic sheets. 

Manufacturing Process of Cross-linked acrilic sheets. Image from crosslinkedacrylic.com

Vellano’s Cross-Linked Acrylic  Products

The Vellano bathtubs such as the Alassio, Polino, Casina, Muccia, and Vattaro bathtub ranges are made from cross-linked acrylic sheets, and offer an outstanding 25-year warranty.

Return on Investment

Consumers have increasingly favoured acrylic bathtubs because they utilize cost-effective materials and an affordable manufacturing process. This combination makes them an appealing option for homeowners and provides a remarkable return on investment.

Acrylic Bathtubs Gives Best Design

Acrylic tubs are known for their exceptional design, shape, and size versatility, allowing for a wide range of customization options to suit individual preferences and requirements. Due to their cost-effective manufacturing process, acrylic tubs offer an extensive selection of styles and features at competitive prices, making them an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking quality and variety in their tub selection.


Acrylic tubs, while more costly than pure fibreglass options, are a practical middle ground in affordability compared to materials like porcelain and cast iron.
Acrylic tubs are designed to be exceptionally durable, ensuring a longer lifespan and reduced need for repairs while retaining their lightweight nature and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, unlike fibreglass tubs or cross-linked acrylic cast sheets, acrylic tubs are resistant to yellowing, maintaining their aesthetic appeal over time.

Final Comparison, Acrylic, Cast Iron, Porcelain & Fiberglass Bathtubs

When comparing cast iron bathtubs with acrylic tubs, several factors should be considered. Cast iron tubs are known for their exceptional longevity and durability, but they come with a hefty price tag and can be extremely heavy, often requiring floor reinforcements during installation. On the other hand, acrylic tubs are much lighter and more affordable, making them easier to install and a great option for those looking for cost-effective solutions.

In contrast to porcelain, acrylic tubs are notably lighter in weight, making them easier to install and handle. They excel in retaining heat, ensuring a longer, more enjoyable soak. Their enhanced durability and resistance to damage make them a reliable and long-lasting choice. Furthermore, acrylic tubs are more budget-friendly and require minimal maintenance over the years, making them a practical and cost-effective option for any bathroom.

When comparing acrylic and fibreglass tubs, it’s clear that acrylic offers numerous advantages. Acrylic tubs are manufactured to retain the benefits of fibreglass while addressing many of its shortcomings. They are exceptionally durable and less prone to breakage, ensuring longevity and reducing the need for repairs. Additionally, acrylic tubs maintain their pristine appearance over time, unlike fibreglass tubs, which tend to yellow with age.


Acrylic tubs are designed with acrylic and fibreglass, which are traditionally considered fragile materials. However, using acrylic significantly mitigates the typical durability issues associated with fibreglass. Acrylic is non-porous, which means it does not absorb water, leading to a longer lifespan and reduced need for frequent bathtub replacements. This quality also makes acrylic tubs highly resistant to chipping and cracking, providing a more durable and long-lasting bathing solution.

Most of the Vellano Freestanding Baths are made from cross-linked acrylic sheets, which retain heat longer for extended soak time, provide high UV resistance to prevent discolouration from sunlight, and stay bright white after years of hot water cycling over 60°C. Our superior quality bathtubs with 25 years warranty will be the best solution to make your bathroom unique.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom with a new tub or shower, contact us online sales@vellano.au or on the phone +1800 411 828. We also have a showroom where we display our Vellano luxury products.

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